Postage Discounts

As a mailing house we have access to dozens of postal services and specialised tariffs. This means that we can almost always provide huge savings on postage costs.

We send out thousands of pieces of targeted direct mail and marketing every week. For many of our clients we save them a significant amount of money due to the postage discounts we can offer.

From smaller clients buying postage stamps or using a franking machine to larger businesses sending out mailshots and brochures we are able to offer a discount on your postage costs.

For lower volume mailings we can offer a postage percentage discount. This will mean your cost per item will be significantly lower.

Low Volume Postage Discounts

postage discount

If you don’t have large volumes but need to send low volume heavy items we can provide huge postage savings for you too.

For example, you have 250 magazines that weight 750gms and this currently costs you about £1.98 each or a total of about £495.00.

Through us this would cost £432.50 giving you a total saving of £62.50

Volume Postage Discounts

For example, if you are posting 1,000 C4 envelopes 2nd class and using a stamp or even a franking machine you are probably paying about 75p per envelope which totals £750.00.

You can make a saving of as much as 20p per envelope giving you a much lower postage total of £530.

That's a saving of £220!

Companies sending out larger mailing volumes even if they already get postage discounts for bulk can still save on postage costs. We are usually able to offer additional postage discounted rates based on the quantity.

Complex fulfilment

Datamail DM doesn’t just fulfil customer orders on behalf of our clients, we also handle more complex proactive task.

We are able to send out a variety of marketing materials targeted to different recipients. Materials can be sent out based on the role of the target person or a gift or product determined by what pet someone may have, for example a dog chew or cat treat.

Specific events such as charitable or business seminars can be fulfilled based on dates so we can send out materials prior to an event happening and mail attendees after the event as a follow up.

Whether you are a business who sends out large or small quantities of post on a regular or ad-hoc basis talk to us about how we can save you money on your postage costs.

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