Is your data pushing up your mailing costs?

It is important to make sure your contact database is as fresh as possible, it's even more important if you are about to mail to the contacts in your database. Why? Because incorrect mailing addresses cost you more to post. An incorrect address will not only mean that you have wasted the cost of the postage but also the cost of the materials that are being mailed.

Is your data out of date?

printing mailmerged PPI and address data

On average people move home every 7 years. If your contact database has thousands of contacts this can significantly affect how up to date your contact information is. Data records can be duplicated, postcodes incorrect and even addresses incorrectly specified. The combined effect of this can mean that a significant portion of your contact data will increase your costs unnecessarily.

Is your address database correct?

Your mailing address data has an annual attrition rate of about 14%. This means that after just 1 year 14% of your customer database will be living at a new address. Besides gone away data you should also be looking at incorrectly postcoded and malformed addresses. We can audit your data for free to tell you what needs to be done to bring it up to date.

On average people move home every 7 years

Our customers like it when we clean their data

Data can be compiled from a variety of sources such as telephone enquiries, email communication and POS systems. This often results in data being pulled together that leads to different formats within the data file. Some records may be in block capitals and other all in lower case, some may have salutation data and some may not, capitalisation may be inconsistent throughout the file. Through our data normalisation techniques we can bring all your data sources together as one homogenous file ensuring consistency across the data file in all areas.

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