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Mailshot advertising can be an effective part of any marketing campaign whether you are looking to build brand awareness and recognition or as part of your lead generation efforts.

DataMailDM have been working with small business and global brands to deliver their direct marketing campaigns. We are a trusted GDPR compliant company that delivers mailshot printing, direct mailers and fulfilment services to our partner companies old and new.

We offer decades of experience and knowledge in the direct marketing and mailing industry. We have the infrastructure to be able to meet the specific requirements of our customers having, over the years, invested in the machinery, technology and warehouse facilities.

Mailshot Marketing

Great mailshots are eye-catching, hold interest and encourage the reader to take action. An effective mailshot needs to have a concise and clear message that your potential customer is drawn to and understands the product and service that you are offering.

A mailshot is particularly effective at producing results when sent to customers who prefer this medium compared to electronic mediums such as e-mail. In general mailshots are more effective at garnering attention.

A physical mailshot has far less competition for the customer's attention when it drops through the letterbox compared to busy inboxes and social media feeds.

Mailshot Companies

mail shot polylopes

If you are looking for a mailshot company then the team at DatamailDM have decades of experience in direct marketing and have worked with many companies on their mailshot campaigns. We can provide mailshot services for example to help build branding, for market research or lead generation.

Once your prospect responds they become your customer. They can be added to your own mailing list.

Data Handling

Do you have your own mailing list or do you need a targeted list of potential customers for your mailshot campaign? We are able to clean and mailsort your data to ensure that the addresses are PAF validated, your customer contact data is up to date and remove contacts that no longer exist.

Cleaning and correcting the data saves you money from not having to mail out marketing material to contacts that no longer exists or where the mailing would not have reached its destination as that address was incorrect.

If you need a targeted list of potential customers to reach out to with your product or service then we can source a marketing list to meet your requirements. We work with both existing customer databases and can provide a mailing list through our working relationship with some of the top list marketing companies in the UK.

Personalisation and Address Printing

Personalisation can increase open rates, after all you don’t want to spend all that time and effort on a mailing only for the recipient not to open or read it.

We are able to personalise, print and match your mailing and handle multiple items per mailing. Your mailshot may need to have a personalised name printed onto the letter and then their name and address printed onto the envelope and then matched, folded and inserted into the envelope.

Mailshot Fulfilment

Our in house fulfilment team are able to handle all types of fulfilment requests from hand fulfilment to machine letter inserting into envelopes.

We can advise you on the most cost effective method of producing and distributing your mailshot based on the design, quantity and sizing.

DatamailDM handles many types of mailing from books, magazines, letters and postcard mailings.

Mailshot Postage

We offer a cost effective and reliable distribution service. Due to our economy of size and strategic mail distribution partnerships we are able to offer our clients discounted mailings.

We can work with you to advise on the most cost effective methods of posting your mailshot so that it gets to your target audience within the timescales you require.

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