If you are business that requires picking and packing on either a daily or sporadic basis then we can help.

Fulfilment is all about getting the right product to the right customer on time on behalf of our client. Datamail DM has been providing UK fulfilment services to our customers for many years. We have the skills, experience and systems in place to be able to handle very small to large contracts.

Flexible Fulfilment Services

uk fulfilment

We pick and pack title specific orders with a fast turnaround and manage stock control for the client.

Using a fulfilment company means that you get the product storage that you need without the associated overhead costs of running your own warehouse.

We charge on a per pallet basis so you only pay for what you need which means that you have an accurate picture of your costings going forward.

The benefits to you as a business means that you do not have the ongoing overheads associated with running a storage, fulfilment and distribution mailing warehouse.

You will not have to employ staff, buy pallet racking, forklifts, heat, light, run and maintain a building and would not have to deal with the day to day running of tasks.

You only pay for the services you need on an ad hoc basis rather than having to make a long term investment.

Case Study

In 2015 we were approached by a customer with a requirement for us to store over 100,000 (136 pallets) of books on a long term basis.

The customer previously stored books in multiple locations which made stock control difficult. This meant that logistics were more expensive and the service was slow. It was more difficult for the client to ensure book order were sent out to customers in a timely fashion and ensure stock levels were maintained accurately.

We were able to provide centralised pallet storage and thus ensure stock levels were correctly and accurately recorded. In house fulfilment staff ensured book orders were immediately dispatched improving customer service.

Complex fulfilment

Datamail DM doesn’t just fulfil customer orders on behalf of our clients, we also handle more complex proactive task.

We are able to send out a variety of marketing materials targeted to different recipients. Materials can be sent out based on the role of the target person or a gift or product determined by what pet someone may have, for example a dog chew or cat treat.

Specific events such as charitable or business seminars can be fulfilled based on dates so we can send out materials prior to an event happening and mail attendees after the event as a follow up.

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