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Since the advent of the internet companies are becoming more aware of how important it is to keep in contact with existing customers and generate new custom. It's more than just marketing, it's about retaining existing custom and attracting new customers.

Retaining existing customers

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As a business you already know how expensive it can be to gain new custom and how valuable retaining existing customers can be. An existing customer has already shown that they are interested in your product or service and therefore more likely to buy from you again.

Remind your customers about who you are and why they gave you their business by reaching out to them with a mailing. Remember, advertising mail delivers, on average, £14 return on investment for every £1 spent

Companies are not only much smarter and more aware when it comes to marketing, but more aware of the costs and work involved in making things happen. Direct marketing companies such as ours often play an important role in facilitating a business's marketing plan. We essentially become part of that company's existing team.

As a business it often makes sense for you to outsource any complex or difficult work to another company that has specific skills in that area. Businesses often think they can save money by doing their own printing only to end up having spent twice as many man hours than it should have taken to do the job.

Only recently we were asked to print a double sided perforated folded DL sized item on ultra glossy card. Printing onto gloss surfaces can be problematic without the correct equipment that can handle this type of media, otherwise you would find it very challenging.

There are two ways you can save by making sure your address data is correct. The first is to make sure that you have no duplicate data, opted out customers are removed and where we manage returns making sure gone away, no such address, address inaccessible and so on are suppressed.

A switched on business will realise that passing on those more challenging jobs to a specialist will work out to be more cost effective. Your in-house printing capabilities may have limitations where the investment needed to buy specialist printing equipment would not outweigh the potential returns for such an investment. Therefore it makes more sense to contract out this type of work to companies that have already made the investment.

Getting the best value is not the same as getting the lowest price

As the saying goes, you can do it wrong and pay twice or do it right and pay once. Getting the lowest price doesn't always add up to good value. Sometimes it is possible to do things differently to reduce costs without cutting corners and therefore get things done at a lower cost.

Generally however if you find you are getting a quote for work that is significantly lower it may indicate that you are getting an inferior product. Conversely a more costly quote may indicate that you are being overcharged.

Ensuring that you have all the information, whilst this may require a little more effort in your initial research, can pay dividends by getting the most favourable price for the level of quality you are after. Moreover dealing with a company that you trust can pay dividends.

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