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As a direct marketing company it is essential that we can compete effectively for customers business. Being competitive is part of the formula and we do this not by cutting corners but by being more efficient at what we do.

Print jobs can be both complex and high volume and so specialist software is used to manage printing. Without the software to allow us to meet customer requirements even relatively low volume and low complexity printing would be time consuming and therefore not cost effective for our clients.

As an established business where customers depend on you not only for producing high volume printing, but also doing things last minute. It pays to know what you are doing and having the capacity to deal with the task in hand.

Over capacity printing means you are prepared

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We have several large specialist printing machines but much of the time at least one of those would be idle. It may seem like a waste of resources but we need that capacity in order for us to cope with large volumes, short notice jobs and potential equipment failure.

In business it is worth investing in the tools and equipment to make you more efficient but it is even more important that your staff are trained and experienced in using them. There is no point in having your staff fiddling and tweaking in order to figure out how to get something done.

As a business owner I make sure our staff know the software and equipment inside out, some of the software I have been using is the same (albeit upgraded regularly) for the last 20 years. As they have the experience and knowledge they can handle any issues that may occur, more importantly they are efficient and good at what they do.

It means that as a team we can work more productively with less time wasted and therefore produce results that are not only of high quality but with greater accuracy whilst remaining competitive.

Accounting for human and machine error

I admit, I've made mistakes in the past, some big mistakes due to human error. I learned my lessons long ago, thankfully when I was learning the ropes as an apprentice. In those more than 20 years since then I have honed our checking, testing and proofing system so that mistakes don't get made.

As a company where our clients are relying on us, making a mistake is more detrimental to us than it is for our customers. Having a tried and tested system in place that everyone understands means that human error is negated.

Our computing and printing capability has redundancy which means that should any of our equipment go wrong we have standby equipment that can take over. In fact we have 2 or 3 of every piece of equipment for this specific reason and therefore we never stop, we only slow down.

We didn't get this good overnight, it is important to remember that the systems we have in place now have been perfected over years and they have served us and our customers well.

At the end of the day our customers are not aware of what we do to get such good results they just expect them as standard, which is the way a good business should operate.

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